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A campaign by Jen Johnson
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Please help us keep our organization running. Because of a dishonest volunteer, Heroes for the Homeland is facing liquidation and shut down unless we're able to raise enough funds.

We trusted someone who claimed to want to help Heroes for the Homeland by organizing a 5k. This person made promises they could not keep, and lied to multiple people in order to accomplish their goal--to have their 5k, no matter what.

After almost causing someone to be arrested due to this person's negligence, we became aware that perhaps this person wasn't being as honest with us as we originally thought. After this they disappeared, leaving us with thousands of dollars in bills that they didn't tell us about. They stopped answering their phone, blocked us on Facebook and removed our admin privileges from the 5k's Facebook page.

They have put members of Heroes for the Homeland at risk due to their negligence and failure to communicate. They have also put us in a very difficult financial situation that we're not sure we can recover from without your help.

If each person that reads this message were to donate just $10 we would be able to raise enough funds to pay all of these vendors that were contracted. All of them are small local businesses that cannot afford to take a loss on the work they did for the 5k.

Heroes for the Homeland was established in 2012 to aid first responders and their families when disaster strikes. We have deployed to Toms River, NJ, Oklahoma City, OK, and Washington, Il and aided multiple families with cleanup assistance and supplies, and would love the opportunity to continue to do this.