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Ginger, my PTSD service dogs health problems and TADSAW

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Ginger, my PTSD service dogs health problems and TADSAW

My name is Steven. I have been in the Fire Service since 1990 in Laurens County, SC, I am also currently a Paramedic in Anderson County. I also spent a few years as a Law Enforcement Officer. I am married to a school teacher, and together we have two daughters, 10&13. I am currently out of work with a back injury, and am only getting partial paychecks.
I also am a sufferer of PTSD. This doesn't allow me to be out in public with my wife and daughters. Many times they go out to the movies or dinner, and I am unable to join them. I am too afraid of the flashbacks and triggers that come with being out in public. I have a 3 year old female Boxer named Ginger who is my 'Battle Buddy' and is currently going through training to become a certified PTSD Service dog. She will be trained to recognize a PTSD flare up and help to calm me down.
Her training is paid for by TrainADogSaveAWarrior ( ). While the $2,500 training program is paid for by them, they ask that we try to provide some of the money since she is a First Responder Service dog. Most of the Money they raise goes toward Military Service Dogs first, and First Responder dogs second.
Ginger was also diagnosed with environmental allergies last week. She is allergic to 12 different things in our daily environment and is being treated at Holly Tree Animal Hospital in South Carolina. Her First set of shots cost $190, and each set thereafter is $160. We are also in need of food that is hypoallergenic (It has to be a special kind and frozen 48 Hours prior), as well as special Training Treats by ZUKE made specially for dogs as sensitive as Ginger.
Ginger also needs a Crawford travel crate that has an approved crash rating since she will be with me 24 hours a day. All we currently have is a borrowed plastic crate, and if I am in an accident with her in that crate, she may not survive.

We are asking for help in obtaining all of this for my battle buddy so she can safely be with me at all time.s This will allow me to be a better father to my girls, and husband to my wife. I miss being a part of my family and can't wait to be with them all the time again.